Ohio Schools Teaching Cases

The teaching cases presented here derive from case studies of four Ohio schools where teachers and paraprofessionals have been actively engaged in professional collaboration efforts to improve opportunities to learn for all students. [su_row class="downloads"] [su_column size="1/2"]

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Case Study Findings: Conditions Contributing to Successful Teacher-Paraprofessional Partnerships

This document describes conditions that contributed to the successful engagement of paraprofessionals on instructional teams in four Ohio schools. These case studies examining teacher-paraprofessional partnerships reveal that successful engagement of paraprofessionals on instructional teams was influenced by four factors: the professional preparation of paraprofessional; the continuity and quality of the teacher-paraprofessional partnership; effective communication, and establishment of a climate that...

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A Teaching Guide for Working Independently or with Groups of Educators

This guide may help districts and schools draw on lessons learned from the four case studies conducted of successful teacher-paraprofessional partnerships in Ohio. The guide may serve as a tool that districts or schools can use in professional learning sessions with their own teacher-paraprofessional teams to illustrate effective practices of instructional teams. Click here to download...

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