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The following district profiles were developed from interviews with OPEPP district team members and their OPEPP consultants. The profiles describe the benefits the districts have realized and the work they did to get there

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The following resources have been developed and shared by Ohio OPEPP school districts. These resources reflect work the districts have undertaken to help build their capacity to use paraprofessionals effectively, and can be utilized to help first or second year districts defining and reframing paraprofessional roles, systems, and professional support networks.

Alexander Local School District

Roles and Responsibilities Chart
The roles and responsibilities chart outlines particular job responsibilities of each level of staff member working with students to promote clarity around job functions. Building leadership devotes time at staff meetings to share and explain the chart to all staff.


Perkins Local School District

OAPSE Contract Specific to Paraprofessionals
The OAPSE contract reflects the newly agreed upon paraprofessional growth, reflection and evaluation process. The team determined that starting with this particular component would create professional development opportunities for paraprofessionals as well as create opportunities for growth.


Paraprofessional Job Description
The paraprofessional job description includes paraprofessionals’ current roles and responsibilities.


Paraprofessional Growth Plan
Similar to the OTES process for teachers, the paraprofessional growth plan allows paraprofessionals to create goals in order to identify growth and potential areas of need for the school year.


Paraprofessional Self-Assessment
The paraprofessional self-assessment is used for the paraprofessional placement process to identify the paraprofessional’s “fit” for a position he or she has chosen for the upcoming school year. It also allows paraprofessionals to identify areas of reinforcement and refinement in their current role.


Paraprofessional Evaluation
This paraprofessional evaluation is aligned to the paraprofessional job description. The “essential job functions” were used as the guidelines and framework to develop the paraprofessional evaluation.


Grade Band Specific Inclusive Needs Assessments (1st grade; 7th grade; 10th grade)
The grade band-specific inclusive needs assessment identifies many of the barriers to student achievement by reviewing pertinent data that would necessitate the need for a grade level inclusive paraprofessional to support students instructionally and behaviorally. The needs assessment is used in conjunction with a rubric that considers the data as a decision making framework to justify the need for paraprofessional support.

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Westfall Local School District

A Guide for Understanding the Roles of Westfall Local School District’s Paraprofessionals
School Year 2018-2019
This guide was developed to identify and clarify the roles of paraprofessionals and the staff that work with them. Role descriptions were reviewed annually and revised as needed.


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