Welcome to OPEPP​
Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation


OPEPP Consultant Roles and Responsibilities

Active Team Member

Meet with other consultants, OPEPP project staff, and the OPEPP evaluation team to discuss OPEPP PD/TA resources and offerings to continuously improve OPEPP activities and outcomes.

District Team Builder & Process Specialist

Support districts to complete data collection activities and develop an action plan that is based on each district’s needs and goals. Support district personnel to lead their teams toward more effective and inclusive practices.

Observer & Resource Linker

Observe partner district team meetings to understand current practices. Identify effective practices that can be expanded and problem areas that can be improved. Provide the district with support and resources as appropriate.

Joint Problem Solver

Provide support, encouragement, and recommendations to districts as they work through challenges. Help districts make timely progress through problem-solving processes.

Reflective Educator

 Create reports and presentations that demonstrate your work with partner districts and why you are suggesting a specific course of action. Bring these to team meetings for reflection, discussion, and skill building.

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