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District Action Planning Process

District Action Planning Process


The purpose of the OPEPP District Action Planning Process (OPEPP District APP) is to support districts to be intentional and strategic about moving forward systemwide to assert, maintain, and improve high-quality instruction, ensuring that instruction is based on high expectations for all students. 


The OPEPP District APP allows districts to match their aspirations around the improved use of paraprofessional educators to their broader district-wide improvement goals. The OPEPP District APP has two parts. 

Part 1, the District Needs Assessment

helps districts examine their practices and identify how they reflect the district’s overall values of inclusion and collaborative teaming. OPEPP teams use the District Needs Assessment to self-evaluate their performance across multiple domains, identify whether each domain is important for the district, and select one or two of the most critical needs to create goals for the year.  

Part 2, the Strategic Action Plan

supports districts to create specific action steps the OPEPP team will take to achieve their goal. Efforts that start with the District Needs Assessment and follow up with agreed-upon actions in the Strategic Action Plan contribute to improved use of staff and inclusive instructional practices.   

This process should be completed by the entire OPEPP team, with the site coordinator and OPEPP consultant acting as facilitators and collaborators in the work. The overarching goal of this three-year OPEPP partnership process is the development of shared values regarding paraeducators and action steps that reflect those values.  

To work effectively, the OPEPP District APP should reflect the most overarching goals for the district, where if the change is made, it could influence other areas and be sustained into the future. The OPEPP District APP ties directly to the  OPEPP work the district will do. Goals derived from the APP should direct the focus of the work of the OPEPP team for at least one year. These goals also help the team choose learning pathways (e.g., modules, research briefs, webinars) from the OPEPP professional learning offerings. 

Data Usage

In addition to the OPEPP District APP meeting the requirements of OPEPP participation, other uses of the information include the following:  

  • Identifying benchmark performance and measuring progress over time; 
  • Identifying areas in which the district is doing well, and areas in which the district has opportunities to improve to better utilize paraeducators districtwide; 
  • Focusing actions on making changes to the district’s current practices for working with and involving paraeducators in system-wide processes
  • Informing discussions of district priorities for goal setting and action steps; 
  • Structuring discussions of paraeducators’ training and support programs within the district; and,  
  • Informing communication to the community about the value of inclusive education and the role of paraeducators in the district. 
  • Conducting data-based equity audits that surface ongoing inequities. 


OPEPP teams should collaborate across one or more team meetings to complete the OPEPP District APP. Teams should complete Part 1: District Needs Assessment in its entirety before moving on to Part 2: Strategic Action Plan.  

Districts in their first year should complete the APP and submit all documentation via email to their OPEPP consultant and the OPEPP Coordinator by December 31st. 

Districts in their second or third year should complete and submit their APP materials by November 1.  

Should a team need additional time to complete their OPEPP District APP, they should inform their OPEPP consultant and provide an estimated timeframe by which they will submit their APP materials. 

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