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Supporting Children with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to provide an overview of the role of paraprofessionals as instructional team members in the education of students with disabilities. Topics covered include: paraprofessional history, laws and definition; roles of teachers and paraprofessionals in the instructional process; introduction to special education and definitions of “disability;” and an introduction to key content related to the four areas of paraprofessional competencies that OPEPP orients to across learning offerings, professional services, and resources:

  • Area 1: Essential Instructional Practices
  • Area 2: Classroom Organization and Behavior Management
  • Area 3: Team Member and Professional Behavior
  • Area 4: Supporting Students with Low Incidence Disabilities

The guide also offers information related to how paraprofessionals can differentiate key features of their responsibilities in supporting instruction from those of their teacher colleagues. To engage users in interactive learning, this guide incorporates several kinds of activities and reflection activities for individuals and teams, and follow-up resources to explore.

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