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Make a plan to learn alongside your paraprofessional and colleagues by walking through the OPEPP PD resources together.  Then bring the ideas to life when you return to your school setting ready to collaborate and co-teach together. 

General educators and special educators often attend OPEPP workshops with their paraprofessionals or use the OPEPP resources and PD to help guide conversations around their paraprofessional’s professional development plan.   

Educators can connect to OPEPP’s professional development opportunities to gain skills in the following areas: 

  • Supporting Paras Through Mentoring
  • Trauma Informed practices 
  • Behavior Management
  • Communication and Collaboration 
  • Sensory Supports for Students
  • Helping with Instruction and more! 

Is your district an OPEPP Partner?   Would they benefit from partnering with us?

Tell your administrators about OPEPP PARTNERSHIPS and PD!

Contact the OPEPP Coordinator, Renee Mattson mattsorr@ucmail.uc.edu

Take on a leadership role at your school and join the OPEPP group in your district.  Work alongside school leaders, paras, school psychologists, general educators and other intervention specialists who care about paraprofessionals and building their capacity to serve all children!

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