OPEPP Spring 2021 Workshops

Workshops are provided at no charge to OPEPP partner districts; there is a nominal cost for non-partner districts. Click here to register if your district is an OPEPP partner district in 2021. Click here to register if your district is not a partner district in 2021.

If you are not sure if your district is a partner district, contact admin@opepp.org.

Partner District Registration  Non-Partner District Registration

Working in Partnership to Strengthen Paraprofessional Preparation and Development throughout Ohio

OPEPP efforts focus on the strengthening of systems that support paraprofessionals and those who prepare and develop them. Through an innovative partnership model, OPEPP engages school districts, regional providers, and higher education through information dissemination, training and technical assistance designed to build the capacity of paraprofessionals to support instruction and student learning. Statewide in its service reach, OPEPP is coordinated through the Columbus-based Systems Development & Improvement Center, which is part of the University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services.

Click here to read OPEPP’s study of paraprofessionals and how districts currently use them. The study also points to ways districts might use parapros more effectively in the future to support effective instruction for all Ohio students.