Welcome to OPEPP​
Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation

Welcome to OPEPP

The Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation is dedicated to enhancing the role of paraprofessionals in education.

Through offering open access professional development and collaborative partnerships that facilitate system-based action planning to empower paraprofessionals, OPEPP fosters the capacity of paraeducators to positively impact outcomes for every student

OPEPP is coordinated through the University of Cincinnati’s Systems Development & Improvement Center (UC SDI).

We currently are partnering with 27 Local Education Agencies including school districts, Board of DD schools and Educational Service Centers (ESCS) from around Ohio. 


OPEPP is accepting partners for our waitlist for 2025-2026.

Ohio – Across the state of OHIO paraprofessionals work as an integral part of educational teams.  Ohio is a collaborative state where districts, ESCs, and individual school teams enjoy coming together to learn from each other.  OPEPP helps this happen through our partnership and professional development programs that strive to enhance paraprofessional capacity. 

Partnership – Partnering districts, ESCs and individual schools work with OPEPP consultants through a three year process.  During this process, they complete a needs assessment, set goals, and work through action steps to accomplish system-wide change that builds paraprofessional capacity.  

Excellence – OPEPP strives for excellence by evaluating  the impacts we are making across the state and by providing evidence based approaches to our program design. Are consultant and team leaders come together regular to continue our own learning and we listen to the voices from around OHIO as we build our resource library of supports for paraprofessionals. 

Paraprofessional At OPEPP, we have a heart for paraprofessionals.  We value including paraprofessionals as part of district partnership teams, we reach out to paras to help us understand what they need and we design our professional development with their needs and interests in mind. 

Preparation –Paraprofessionals take pride in their work, and so OPEPP takes pride in the professional development offerings we have available on our site. Our PD is easy to access and evidence-based. It is rooted in practical strategies focused on meaningful topics like behavior management and helping with instruction. 

Resources for 







Local Education Agencies Partner with Us!​

School districts, educational service centers, and independent schools become partners with OPEPP.  In doing so, they work together with one of our OPEPP consultants through a three year cycle of work and support as our team helps your team create system-wide change that enhances the professional development and experiences of paraprofessionals. The work of these partnerships promises to make impacts in your educational agency that will positively affect all children and their experiences at school. 

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Face to Face Learning​

Gaining information alongside other professionals is key to growth and learning.  OPEPP offers this opportunity through their spring and fall workshops, and book studies that meet once a week on zoom for 4 to 5 weeks. The workshops also allow for further learning through extended online content. The sessions are led by experienced professionals from the field and can be attended by paraprofessionals alone or with their fellow educator teammates.  Trainers from educational agencies can also register and connect to great contact to share with their teams on their own timeline.   Attendees can audit the course or take the course for contact hours if they attend regularly and participate in reflective activities. 

To register for Fall 2024 Workshops CLICK HERE

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Professional Development Modules

The information in the OPEPP modules is for paraprofessional educators, but this guide for using the modules is for two different audiences:

(1) parapros working on their own and

(2) educators (e.g., school district and regional personnel) who train parapros.

We encourage both groups to pick and choose what looks most useful and most interesting. Trainers can also adapt the materials in the OPEPP modules, so long as they credit OPEPP as the original source.

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Together with our help or on your own walk through the OPEPP content and design a PD program of study for your team.  Combining workshop, module and other learning content options together can ensure your PD covers everything your team members and paraprofessionals need to know.  Our extended resources include: easy to read research briefs, interviews with researchers on pertinent topics, toolkits, and more. 


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