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Professional Development

The Ohio Partnership for Excellence in paraprofessional Preparation (OPEPP) provides professional development supports and services for district and ESC leaders, educators, related service providers and most importantly, paraeducators. These types of PD services include online learning modules, online facilitated workshops, professional development on the go and research and practice briefs  and videos on important topics for paraeducator preparation.    Use these resources below to design your own paraprofessional training or contact us to help you devise a professional development plan for the year that encompasses all we have to offer!

OPEPP MODULES: Learn on your own at your own pace

OPEPP offers self-guided quality and consistent ONLINE MODULES that individuals or district and ESC groups can use to cover important topics for paraprofessionals to learn.

Each module has 10 or 11 units and have a Users’ Guide with a brief description of the modules and tips for individual paraprofessionals and those who train paraprofessionals. There are a variety of learning tools within the modules such as:

  • Webinars
  • Readings and Activities
  • Reading Prompts and Reflective Questions
  • Resources

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OPEPP WORKSHOPS: Learn with others

Workshops are led by experienced professionals from the field of special education on topics that are meaningful for paraprofessionals. These in person meet-ups allow professional learning to occur and shared experiences and perspectives to be gained by those who register. Those who attend workshops can also earn a certificate of attendance/contact hours if they attend or watch all sessions and participate in reflective exercises.

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OPEPP RESEARCH BRIEFS: Learn from the experts

Every spring and fall OPEPP hosts research academies where nationally recognized speakers visit and lead keynote presentations.  These presentations are housed on the OPEPP site along with interviews and white paper research briefs on specific topics important to paraeducator professional development.

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OPEPP houses a recorded sessions from nationally recognized speakers on the topic of paraeducator training.

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OPEPP is always checking back in on our work and because of that we have documentation and guiding documents that reflect our work and impact across the state of OHIO.

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