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Fading Supports

Fading refers to gradually removing the services and supports provided to promote student independence and social inclusion.

As paraprofessionals engage in a variety of tasks, the major focus of their time is providing academic and behavioral support for students with disabilities in the classroom. Some tasks will require an ongoing level of support for certain students (e.g., personal care), and others will require the paraprofessional to remain close as they engage with the student and then naturally decreased their engagement little by little to promote independence and social inclusion.  When discussing how we train and use paraprofessionals within a classroom setting, we rarely, if ever, include a conversation on how a paraprofessional can begin to fade their support. Fading refers to gradually removing the services and supports provided to promote student independence and social inclusion. 


Fading Supports

  • The Why of Fading Supports
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slide Show
    • Overview
    • Meet Kids in the Middle of Function & Progress
    • Paraeducator as Facilitator
    • Take Notes
  • What is Specialized Instruction and Support
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview-Specialized Instruction
    • Appropriate Prompting
    • Chaining
    • Model and Practice
    • Take Notes
  • High Expectations Matter
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview- The Sky’s the Limit… High Expectations Matter!
    • Core Elements of Special Education 
    • False Hope or False Despair
    • Take Notes
  • Evidence Based Practices
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview of Evidence Based Practices
    • Prompting and Modeling
    • Giving Feedback
    • Take Notes
  • Proximity
    • Introductory scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview
    • Close Enough but Not Too Close
    • What if We Don’t Pay Attention to Proximity?
    • Take Notes
  • Peer and Other Support
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview of Peer Supports
    • How does it work and How do we know…?
    • Interdependence is the Goal
    • Take Notes
  • Task Analysis
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview Task Analysis
    • Self Instruction
    • Go back to Reinforcement
    • Take Notes
  • Self Advocacy
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview Self Advocacy
    • Independence
    • Providing Choices
    • Take Notes
  • Using Teamwork and Data Based Decisions to Support Fading Supports
    • Introductory Scenario
    • Slideshow
    • Overview of teamwork and data based decision making around fading supports
    • Scaffolds
    • Preventing Educational Risk
    • Take Notes
  • Resources
    • References and Resources

Course Objectives-

S 2.1

Support student’s independence, self-advocacy, positive sense of identity, self-control, and self-reliance under the guidance of the instructional team

K 3.3

General knowledge of principles of inclusive practices for students with disabilities

K 3.4

Individual learner characteristics as the primary basis for instructional programming and decision making, rather than disability categories or educational placement

K 3.7

Effects of paraeducator’s proximity and fading of paraeducator support on student engagement, learning and independence

S 3.2

Support a safe and equitable learning environment that honors diversity and inclusion under the guidance of the instructional 


S 4.1

Record objective and accurate data using collection procedures determined by the instructional team

S 5.7

Modify pace of instruction and provide organizational cues under the guidance of the instructional team

S 5.8

Make responsive adjustments to instruction under the guidance of

 the instructional team

S 5.9

Provide least intrusive levels of support, fade support, and fade physical proximity from students with disabilities under the guidance of the instructional team

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