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Teachers Coaching Paraprofessionals

Teachers Can Coach Parapros

Teachers may not be the formal supervisors of the parapros with whom they work, but they do take responsibility for making instructional plans, including plans for what the parapros in their classrooms will be doing on a day-to-day basis. We prefer the term “coach” to terms such as “supervisor” or “supervising teacher,” however, because “coaching” connotes positive practices such as giving guidance and providing support.

Whatever else forms a part of the teacher’s role, the design, delivery, and evaluation of instruction is at its center. Teachers take responsibility for instruction by:

  • connecting lesson objectives to state standards,
  • developing instructional materials,
  • designing practice activities,
  • creating assessments, and
  • analyzing assessment results.

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Howley, A. (2017). Teachers coaching paraprofessionals. Columbus, OH: University of Cincinnati Systems Development & Improvement Center, Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Education.

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