Teachers Coaching Paraprofessionals

Teachers Can Coach Parapros

Teachers may not be the formal supervisors of the parapros with whom they work, but they do take responsibility for making instructional plans, including plans for what the parapros in their classrooms will be doing on a day-to-day basis. We prefer the term “coach” to terms such as “supervisor” or “supervising teacher,” however, because “coaching” connotes...

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The OPEPP Practice Continuum

The OPEPP Practice Continuum Guide is designed to share best practices related to organizational deployment of paraprofessionals to support effective use of paraprofessionals in districts and schools. Click here to download a copy of this resource.

Improving Results for All Children: Guidelines for Ohio Paraprofessionals Supporting the Education of Children with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

This guide provides an overview of the role of paraprofessionals as instructional team members in the education of children and young adults with disabilities. Sections in this guide include information about paraprofessional history, laws and definition; roles of teachers and paraprofessionals in the instructional process; introduction to special education and definitions of “disability;” and an introduction to key content related...

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