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Renee Mattson

Dr. Renee Mattson has been utilizing OPEPP’s extensive resources for years to engage the preservice special educators she teaches at the university level. Renee understands paraprofessionals and the teams of educators who support them. She champions making every piece of professional development OPEPP offers easily accessible and consumer-friendly, with engaging and meaningful content. Renee is a “feet on the street” kind of researcher; expect her to drop by one of your upcoming partnership meetings and connect with you personally. She loves seeing action planning in motion and is in awe of the passionate consultants she leads as part of her OPEPP coordinator role. Renee is licensed as an elementary educator and intervention specialist for preschool through 12th grade for gifted, learning, and behavior needs. She has taught in multiple districts and schools around the state of Ohio, led school teams as an intervention coordinator, and supported parents and educators as a coach and consultant. Her research interests include a focus on paraprofessional professional development, collaboration skills for intervention specialists, and positive behavior interventions. She is the mother of three grown children, and she and her husband reside in Cincinnati.



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