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EL Toolkit

Topic 1

Coming in 2023

Topic 1 introduces educators to the elements of strong core instruction for English Learners, including high-quality literacy instructional practices, building academic vocabulary, and engaging with families to help support academic growth.

Topic 2

Coming in 2023

Topic 2 introduces educators to targeted instructional strategies for English Learners, including effective Tier 2 reading intervention strategies, intensifying Tier 3 reading intervention strategies, and how to make best use of screening, diagnostics, and progress monitoring to assess English learning.

Topic 3

Coming in 2023

Topic 3 introduces educators to the importance of making timely and accurate special education referrals for English Learners, including identifying common areas of difficulty for English Learners; the role and significance of teacher teams; and culturally responsive assessment and identification processes.

About the Author

Diane Haager is a researcher and teacher educator in reading and learning disabilities, with an emphasis on English language learners. She is Professor Emeritus at California State University, Los Angeles, where she continues to instruct special education teachers and graduate students. Dr. Haager has worked in urban schools as a reading specialist and special educator. Her research interests include issues related to effective reading instruction for English Learners, students with learning disabilities and students at risk for reading failure.

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