OPEPP District Audit FAQ

What is the OPEPP district audit?

The district audit is a two-part needs assessment that districts may conduct of their current practices related to using paraprofessionals. Part 1 asks districts to provide the context in which their parapros are used. Part 2 asks districts to assess the level of support they believe they provide to their parapros related to essential instructional practices; classroom organization and behavior management; and team member and professional behavior.

How can the OPEPP district audit help my district?

The audit can help districts determine areas of strength and areas for growth related to their uses of parapros.

Can any district complete the OPEPP district audit?

The audit is open to any school district that wishes to complete a self-assessment of the district’s use of and support for parapros. It is recommended that a district team comprised of individuals serving various roles (e.g. director of special education; director of human resources; building level administrator; general education teacher; intervention specialist; paraprofessional) collaboratively complete the audit so that a variety of perspectives are represented.

Is there a cost to complete the OPEPP district audit?

There is no cost to complete the district audit.

After my district submits the audit, do I receive the results?

Yes, districts receive and may print their audit results.

What steps can my district take after completing the audit?

It is recommended that the district team collaboratively discuss the audit results and determine next steps the district might take. For more information about how your audit results can be used or how the OPEPP team can support your district, please contact admin@OPEPP.org.