In an effort to organize the content of OPEPP modules into formats that can help educators to strengthen their capacity to engage and support paraprofessionals as instructional team members, OPEPP has created two course offerings. These courses have been designed to reinforce the preparation experiences of teachers, while offering them a mechanism for earning credit to be applied toward licensure renewal. At the same time, participating teachers are receiving support related to more effective collaboration with and use of paraprofessionals. Course objectives are aimed at building teacher capacity to help paraprofessional colleagues to understand their roles, and also to understand what they can do to support the delivery of quality instruction to every child. During the 2015-16 academic year, OPEPP conducted pilot courses with two statewide cohorts.

Course Learning Outcomes

Helping Paraprofessionals to Understand Their Role

Helping Paraprofessionals to Understand Instruction

As a result of participation in this course, teachers will:

  • describe preferred roles for paraprofessional educations in inclusive schools and classrooms.
  • contrast preferred roles for paraprofessional educators with actual roles in most schools today.
  • explain the critical role of instructional teams in efforts to improve teaching and learning.
  • assist paraprofessionals in using effective oral modes of communication.
  • use active listening.
  • guide paraprofessionals in the use of routines and tools for promoting effective teacher-parapro communication.
  • help parapros contribute in meaningful ways to the work of instructional teams.
  • help parapros use care in communicating with parents.
  • explain productive ways for parapros to communicate with students.
  • use parapros to improve interagency collaboration.
  • model practices that safeguard confidentiality of information about students, families, and colleagues.
  • help parapros understand fundamental principles of effective behavior management.
  • guide parapros in the collection, analysis, and use of data pertinent to academic and pro-social learning.
Testimonials & Future Course Offerings

Are you a teacher who wants to better understand how to collaborate with and maximize the value of your paraprofessional colleagues? Are you interested in more effectively engaging paraprofessionals in the instructional process and the academic learning of all students? Explore the comments below from teachers in our pilot cohorts, and sign up to receive information updates as future offerings are made available.