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Explicit instruction is a High Leverage Practice (HLP) (McLeskey et al., 2017).  HLPs are  teaching and interactive practices that are foundational to effective instruction.  Explicit instruction is a method of teaching an academic or social skill that provides the learner with smaller steps that are sequenced in a logical way. These steps are taught through modeling using I Do, We Do, and You Do.

Kennedy, M. J., Peeples, K. N., Romig, J. E., Mathews, H. M., & Rodgers, W. J. (2018). Welcome to our new series on high-leverage practices for students with disabilities. https://highleveragepractices.org/welcome-our-new-series-high-leverage-practices

This video is from Vanderbilt University’s IRIS Module. You can learn more about Explicit Instruction form the Module here: https://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/math/cresource/q2/p04/

During this teaching process students are provided with many examples and nonexamples while being given a number of opportunities to respond while quality feedback is provided. This strategy is often used when the students are learning new material or more complex concepts.

Sample of an OPEPP/All OHIO 

Explicit Lesson on Literacy

Module: Helping with Instruction

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