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Educator’s Discussion Guide

  1. Describe the ELLs in your school or classroom. What types of difficulties do they have with reading instruction? How are these difficulties similar or different for students with early signs of disability?
  2. Describe the RTI process and how it relates to making referrals for special education consideration. How does the RTI process influence referral and assessment decisions with ELLs?
  3. Discuss with your group ideas for distinguishing between true learning difficulties and the second-language acquisition process. How would the RTI process help with this?
  4. Describe any collaborative team effort your school currently has in place for monitoring and supporting the RTI process. What does the team do to function effectively? What might your school need to do to improve the team process?
  5. Describe one or more experiences you have had with the referral and eligibility process for ELLs. What types of evidence were included in the comprehensive evaluation? What factors made it difficult to determine eligibility and why?

EL Toolkit

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