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Educator’s Discussion Guide

  1. How is Tier 2 intervention different for ELLs than for native English speakers? What modifications to typical Tier 2 intervention should intervention teachers consider to make it effective for ELLs?
  2. Discuss with your group ideas for communicating with families regarding the Tier 2 process.
  3. There are four ways to intensify instruction for Tier 3, compared to Tier 2. For each element below, describe what your school is currently providing and changes you might need to make.
    1. Dosage (60-90 minutes per session, 4-5 days per week, 20 or more weeks per year)
    2. Explicitness/specificity of instruction
    3. Controlled setting
    4. Emphasis on cognitive aspects of reading (motivation, self-monitoring, self-regulation)
  4. Describe the ELLs in your school who receive Tier 3 services. How would you adapt your Tier 3 model and services for ELLs?
  5. Describe the assessments used at your school and the type of decisions you make based on the data. For each type of assessment in the RTI model below, discuss what you already have in place and what you might need to add:
    1. Universal screening
    2. Informal diagnostic skills assessment
    3. Progress monitoring
  6. Given the assessments you use or plan to use, what considerations would you need to make when making intervention decisions for ELLs?
  7. Describe one or more students at your school who have made adequate progress with intervention and one or more who have not. Discuss how progress monitoring data would help intervention teachers to accelerate growth.

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