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Take Notes


Procedures: If you complete this unit on your own, read the questions below and write down answers to them. If you are working with others as part of a course or workshop, you can discuss your answers with group members.

Take Notes:

  1. Imagine that you are part of an instructional team. What responsibilities might you assume?
  2. If you work as a paraprofessional already, how do these responsibilities match up with what you are currently doing in your job?
  3. For which of these responsibilities do you feel well prepared and for which of them would more training be needed?
  4. As a member of an instructional team, what responsibilities might your supervising teacher take on?
  5. How might the teacher’s responsibilities differ from yours? In what ways would they be similar?
  6. What might be some productive ways for you and your supervising teacher to communicate about instruction?

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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