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Graphic organizers can help all students learn more

  • Remember the teachers at Ludlow Preschool were concerned embedding UDL strategies would cause them to have to redo everything they used in their classroom. What they found out is that they use things that are built for UDL like graphic organizers all the time… They just didn’t know they were already doing it!



  • Because they serve as an intervention for all learner’s graphic organizers are a part of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  They allow all students access to learning so they can take part, share ideas, and grow in understanding.  As part of the team, paraprofessionals can look for and design concept maps, story maps, and other graphic organizers that can help their students.  


The introduction explained some common misconceptions on UDL and how to reframe those misconceptions so that you can begin to use interventions as a means for supporting all learners no matter what grade level those students are. 


See the GRAPHIC ORGANIZER to the left where high schools are asked to draw their own as part of their assessed work in their lesson.   



How can graphic organizers  help students that you work with at your school?

Click through the tabs and practice searching for graphic organizers.


  1. Think through some of the current and upcoming topics you are working on with children in your class setting.  
  2. Use specific types of graphic organizers mentioned in this unit to help you to design one that fits the concept and your lesson.  
  3. Create the graphic organizer on paper with the class or prior to class or create it visually using tech programs.  
  4. What was rewarding about the process of creating a graphic organizer? 
  5. What was frustrating or difficult about the process of creating a graphic organizer? 
  6. Can graphic organizers help you learn too? How? 
  7. Where will you store or keep the graphic organizers in your classroom so that you and the students have easy and universal access to them when you need them.   

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