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Revisiting the Scenario

Miss Patty has just been giving a new concept to teach.  She knows that later today she will need to work with a small group of children on telling time.  She is going to ask her teacher’s advice on how she should break down the steps and think through the specific concepts she will need to teach with explicit instruction.  Breaking down telling time step by step means being very careful about the information and showing it to students in small increments that are well thought out, planned, sequential and easy to follow.  She will directly tell the students the information they need and use an I DO, WE DO, YOU DO approach

Take Notes

What might be the key vocabulary she will need to use?

What will she demonstrate, First, Second, and Third?

How could you use Explicit Instruction  to demonstrate and instruct on any new and upcoming topic?

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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