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Often, frustration at school emerges due to insufficient scaffolding in the educational process. Jill and her teacher learned this the hard way when their student showed them that he’d rather skip class then come to class and not get what he needed to succeed with the learning. 

 Scaffolding, as a general strategy, emerges as a key tool for educators, particularly for paraprofessionals, in bridging this gap and making school learning more accessible to all learners.  

Take Notes

  1. Do you know students who are not now receiving the scaffolding that might help them learn? How do they respond to school in general?

  2. What can you do to provide scaffolding to the students with whom you work?

  3. With whom can you talk more about how to use scaffolding to help students learn?

  4. Are there teachers you could observe around your school who understand, value and use scaffolding to support all learners? Look for educators who have kids that show up!  It probably means that the teacher understands what they need and embeds it into their lessons. 

  5. Go to those teachers and discuss what they know and use about scaffolding. Observe and TAKE NOTES!

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