Self-reflection Activity: My Emerging Competence for Helping with Reading Instruction


This activity provides a way for you to build on what you have learned in this module by giving you a template for cataloguing ideas for teaching.


  1. Think about what you learned in the units on decoding, sight words, oral reading, and building reading comprehension.
  2. Then use the chart below to add activity ideas in the boxes provided for each of these approaches.
  3. As you try out these ideas in practice, reflect on how well they worked in the column labeled, “Reflections.”

Activity Ideas


Decoding Activities
(Unit 6)
  • Write silly stories with words from different word families.
  • Sound out “really” hard words and find their definitions.




Sight Word Activities
(Unit 7)
  • Underline sight words in newspaper articles; then share reading by asking the student to read each underlined sight word aloud while you read the rest. Encourage the student to say aloud any word he or she recognizes in the parts you are reading.




Oral Reading Activities
(Unit 8)
  • Divide up a story into parts for a narrator to read and for the different characters in the story to read. Modify the text to turn the characters’ parts into a script. Ask one student to read the narrators’ parts aloud and other students to read the different characters’ parts. Rehearse as a play and perform for another group of students.




Reading Comprehension Activities
(Unit 10)
  • Select an article from the sports section of a newspaper. Ask students to read the article and highlight factual statements with one color and opinion statements with another. Then talk about the highlighted passages, focusing on any passages about which group members disagreed.