Revisiting the Introductory Challenge 

As you’ve learned in this unit, different organizations have different ways of doing things. So when you interact with people from organizations outside the school, you will find that communication will work better if you view yourself as a learner. You probably have a lot to learn about those other organizations, and what you learn will benefit the whole instructional team

Inter-agency collaboration is an ongoing issue, and the following questions are useful to ask yourself and your team not just now, but as collaborations shift and change:

  1. What have you personally learned from such interactions?
  2. What can you do to find out more about organizations with which the school district interacts?
  3. How can you help your own team interact better with these outside organizations?
  4. How can your team help you interact better with these outside organizations?

All of us would answer these questions quite differently because our contexts (organizations), experiences (specific interactions with personnel from outside agencies), and temperaments (characteristic ways of acting and thinking) are different. There are no right answers. The questions are really an excuse for reflecting on and sharing insights about organizations with which your school district interacts!