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Stages of Language Development

  1. A description of the stages of early receptive and expressive language development can be found at this site:

Language Milestones and Language Disorders

  1. This site offers a description of language milestones and types/causes of different language disorders:

Types of Communication, Including Augmentative and Alternative Communication

  1. Brief descriptions of different types of communication and alternative methods of communication are provided here:
  2. An overview of purposes and types of augmentative communication and other assistive technology devices can be found at this site:
  3. This site gives practical information on how to use Microsoft Word to make communication boards, and it identifies other computer resources related to communication boards. Boards.pdf
  4. Reasons that signing can have a positive effect on the reading achievement of young hearing students as well as students with hearing impairments are given in this article:

Recommendations for Meeting Specific Communication Needs

  1. Information on communication and education issues related to the autism spectrum is provided on this web site:

Encouraging Communication

  1. Suggestions for encouraging more talk and interaction among students who lack confidence are focused on preschoolers on this site, but the suggestions could easily be adapted for any grade level:
  2. Two suggestions for increasing academic talk between ELL students and other students are the focus here: