Revisiting the Introductory Challenge


Remember the two airport terminals from the Introductory Challenge. Hopefully the comparison between the more and less accessible terminal helped you reflect on classrooms that are more and less accessible. The webinar, overview, and activities then provided details about how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) might increase educational accessibility.

Now you have a chance to reflect on what you’ve learned by creating your own UDL “cheat-sheet.” Using the form below, list five ideas for modifying materials to make them more accessible. Put your ideas in the beige column. You will find the list more helpful for your work as a paraprofessional if you provide ideas that you’d actually like to try with students. Then, in the blue column, list five approaches you think students might use to show you what they’ve learned. Finally, in the green column, list five ideas for drawing students into lessons based on their interests and prior experiences.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) “Cheat Sheet”

Making Materials Accessible

Giving Students Choices for Showing What They Know

Engaging and Motivating Students