Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

instruction unit6 revisiting the challenge

In the Introductory Challenge, we first told you about the dilemma that Megan Black and Jennifer Marshall are facing with their History students. Then we asked you to proceed to the webinars and other materials in this unit. During your review of these materials, we also asked you to think about and jot down ideas in answer to the following questions.

  • Some students have special needs or need extra help to succeed in class. How can developing good study habits and skills help them both in and out of the classroom?
  • What can you (or other paraprofessionals) do to help individual students develop study skills?
  • How can you (or other paraprofessionals) team up with the classroom teacher to help students learn how to study?

Now it’s time to review these ideas to see which ones might be the most workable as solutions for Megan and Jennifer. [As a reminder, you might first want to take a look at the “quick recap” of the unit in the call-out box.]

Okay, back to Megan and Jennifer: Imagine that you are talking to them about their dilemma one day after school. What might you recommend to them as ways to team up to provide support to students who need help with study skills? Which steps would be most appropriate for Megan (the teacher) to take? Which would be most appropriate for Jennifer (the paraprofessional) to take?