Revisiting the Introductory Challenge


  • Revisit the introductory challenge for this unit with its note on the importance of getting students actively engaged in the reading process so that they can improve their comprehension through (1) greater vocabulary knowledge, (2) skill in making inferences, and (3) skill in using conventional features of text.
  • Next, list any ideas you have for engaging students actively in reading in order to improve these three building blocks of comprehension. If you are completing this unit on your own, you might write the ideas down for future use.  If you’re completing the unit with others in a workshop or course, the facilitator may prefer to have you discuss your ideas with a small group of your colleagues.


  • Did your idea or ideas involve students in interaction with their peers or with you or the teacher?  Carefully planned social interaction has shown to be an effective tool for engaging students in learning.
  • Which of the three building blocks does your idea or ideas show some potential for strengthening in the students?
  • How could your idea or ideas be adapted for students who read far below or far above the grade level of the other students in the group?