Revisiting the Introductory Challenge


The Introductory Challenge for this unit asked you to imagine the reading problems you might encounter if you had a hearing impairment or were learning English as a second language. It also asked you to think about the kinds of support you might provide to students who were experiencing difficulties learning to read because of issues related to their language learning. Although some specialized supports can help children with particular needs, most of the supports provided by teachers and paraprofessionals are useful with many different students, that is, with students who exhibit many different language-related needs.


  1. Pick one type of support that was mentioned in this unit. Think about how you might use that support for children with three different types of needs.
  2. If you are working through this unit on your own, write your ideas in a reflective journal.
  3. If you are working through this unit with others, your group facilitator might want you to share your ideas with several of the people in your group or with the group as a whole.