Revisiting the Introductory Challenge


  • Revisit the introductory challenge for this unit and reread the characterization of the six attitudes toward reading.
  • Then answer the three questions below. If you are completing the unit on your own, perhaps you can write down your answers to the questions. If you are completing it with others in a workshop or course, perhaps the facilitator would prefer to have you discuss your answers with a small group of your colleagues.


  • Think about the adjectives used to describe the six educators. Can you imagine them as categories describing readers along a sequence from unwilling to avid? As a sequence, they might describe the continuum between negative and positive attitudes toward reading: unwillingreluctantlukewarmfocusedappreciative, and avid. Into which of the six categories would you place yourself? Why?
  • What influences in your life have contributed to your attitude toward reading?
  • What steps would you take to help a reluctant or unwilling reader derive more enjoyment from reading?