Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

Most students find learning difficult, at least some of the time. But with help, students can experience success with things that seem difficult at first.

Some textbooks and some learning activities make things more difficult for some students. But you can help.

Perhaps you found that the Introductory Challenge was challenging. Was it more challenging than you thought necessary?

If so, that was part of the point. If not, the picture in the Introductory Challenge might have helped you understand some of what the ridiculously difficult text was trying to say. But, maybe not. Still, there is picture out there somewhere that could help.

When you help develop learning tools, your job sometimes involves finding the right picture (chart, graph, image, table) to help certain students. The right picture (infographic) can help the students overcome some of the problems they experience while trying to learn. Not every student needs this type of help. And not all lessons require it. But some lessons are made much more accessible when the teacher or parapro uses a good infographic.

Good infographics simplify things. In truth, everyone benefits from simplicity. Unnecessary complications get in the way of learning. Infographics organize a lot of information in a way that some students absolutely need and that many students can benefit from.