Revisiting the Introductory Challenge

instruction unit6 revisiting the challenge

In the Introductory Challenge, you heard about the dilemma that Megan Black and Jennifer Marshall are confronting. Their History students were doing well in class, but not so well on tests. Then you watched the two webinars and worked through the rest of the unit. You encountered some questions:

  • Some students have special needs or need extra help in order to succeed in class. What study habits and skills would help these students (in class and at home)?
  • What can you (or other parapros) do to help individual students develop study skills?
  • In what ways can you (or other parapros) work with classroom teachers to help students learn how to study?

Which of your ideas might lead to workable solutions for Megan and Jennifer? [To review the key points of the unit, read the “quick recap” in the call-out box.]

Okay, back to Megan and Jennifer: Imagine that you are talking to them about their dilemma one day after school. What would be your recommendations be? What might help them support students who need assistance with study skills? What things should Megan (the teacher) so? What things should Jennifer (the parapro) do?