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Videos and Webinars

  • A 9-minute video about data teams, produced by The Leadership and Learning Center at Houghton Mifflin is available on YouTube.   
  • Two OLAC webinars on the Ohio Improvement Process—one for teachers in training and one for newly employed teachers—provide relevant information about teacher teams. Webinars can be viewed online or downloaded as PowerPoints (from the “documents” tab). 


  1. A short module about teacher-based teams in action (from the Ohio Deans Compact) includes brief explanations and various learning activities related to teacher teams in Ohio.  
  2. Several full-length OLAC modules provide information about instructional teaming: 

Before you can access the modules, you’ll need to create a free account at OLAC. It’s easy. And then you have easy access to all the OLAC materials—videos, webinars, modules, podcasts, and educator crosswalks. 

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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