Links for More Information

Videos and Webinars

  1. The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) website provides many videos that relate to teams and teaming. The link below takes you to the site. Once you’re there, click on the link marked “collaboration” to filter the set of videos to those most likely to relate to teaming.
  2. A 9-minute video about data teams, produced by The Leadership and Learning Center at Houghton Mifflin is available on YouTube.
  3. Two OLAC webinars on the Ohio Improvement Process, one for teachers in training and one for newly employed teachers, provide relevant information about teacher teams.
    Webinar: OIP – Opportunities and Supports for New Teachers
    Webinar: OIP – Opportunities and Supports for Prospective Teachers
  4. A Teaching Channel video called “Norms for Leadership and Learning” discusses the use of teacher teams and how teams function at Covington Middle School in Vancouver, WA.

Learning Modules

  1. A module that can be accessed from the website of the Ohio Deans Compact includes various learning activities related to teacher teams in Ohio.
  2. Several OLAC modules provide information about instructional teaming. The most relevant modules are titled: “Collaborative Teams and Organizational Structure,” “Teacher-Based Teams (TBTs): What Districts Need to Know,” and “The Collaborative Process.” To access the modules, first set up a free OLAC account by clicking the following link and then clicking the text, “create an account,” at the top right hand corner of the home page.