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Take Notes

This reflection will be especially interesting in a small group. Members of a group can share their stories, and challenge one another, and—in fact—practice the skills in this unit. If you are working solo, you can have a conversation, later, with a partner or friend. The ideas in this unit can be applied to all relationships in your life. 

Think about the most effective team you have been part of and a not-so-effective team you have also been part of.  Really—they can be any sorts of teams: at school, at work, at church.

Think about how these two teams worked:

  1. What do you think made the more effective team effective, and what made the less effective team less effective? 
  2. How did people in the teams talk with one another? How did interactions differ between the two teams?
  3. How did the principles outlined in this unit play out (for better and for worse) on each of the two teams? 

Module: Communication and Collaboration

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