Links for More Information

Comprehensive Resources

CAST provides a wealth of information about UDL. It is the foremost UDL-sponsoring organization in the United States, with a focus on research, professional learning, and capacity-building.

The National Center on Universal Design for Learning offers on-line videos and other presentations as well as books, articles, and “toolkits” to help educators and families learn about and advocate for UDL.


UDL is the topic of one of the instructional modules produced by the IRIS Center, at Vanderbilt Peabody College and Claremont Graduate School. IRIS modules also cover related topics such as Assistive Technology and Learning Strategies.

San Francisco State University’s Center for Teaching and Faculty Development has an on-line module about UDL. The purpose of the module is to help faculty learn about using UDL principles for designing effective instruction. Although the focus is on college classrooms, the information in the module can be readily adapted to other learning environments.


UDL at a Glance is a short video about UDL that is available on YouTube. The video was created by staff members at CAST.

Another brief video, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), is available on YouTube. This video was produced by Maryland Learning Links, which is a project of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

The National Center on Universal Design for Learning also published a brief video on YouTube. It is called Implementing UDL.