Links for More Information

  1. Communicating with Parents: Understanding the Process, Improving Your Skills. Brochure with tips for communicating with parents (sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers): sensible and short.
  2. Beyond the Bake Sale. When you go to this site, you’ll see a search window. Enter “Beyond the Bake Sale” (with the quotes), and then click on the first listed item: that’s a preview of the most recent edition of the book (2013). It’s a long book, and for educators in general, but it is easy to read. It has lots of tips and tools. It’s just a preview: see what you think. If it interests you, try to get a copy (you can probably borrow it from a library—or maybe your team or school will buy it if you ask).
  3. Top 10 Tips for Professionals. This is a slideshow without audio, but the tips seem reasonable. One of the slides (Slide 9, tip #6) is about communicating with parents. Very specific to paraprofessionals.
  4. “The Paraprofessional Role as Connector.” This is a research article about paraprofessionals connecting parents and teachers. Normally we wouldn’t recommend research to you, but this article is different. You’ll find lots of stories from paraprofessionals and the kinds of different outlooks they bring to their work with parents—these are slices from real life. And their stories suggest the different sorts of issues in the places where they work. The first part of the discussion section might interest you, too: it’s where, at the end of the article, the researchers summarize what they think the stories add up to. Don’t start at the beginning, but go straight to the results section (pages 221-229).
  5. This is a bibliography about communicating with parents (with full-text links to articles) prepared especially for paraprofessionals by staff at the University of Colorado Para Center. These are magazine articles, not research pieces.