Links for More Information

Communicating Effectively

  1. This American Federation of Teachers article emphasizes how respect and effective communication help educators create a classroom team.
  2. This web site offers advice on communicating effectively with a supervisor.

Paraprofessional Role (Distinction and Clarity)

  1. This article discusses the role paraprofessionals play in the classroom.
  2. This article, “Roles and Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals in Their Own Words,” discusses the perspective of 22 paraprofessionals interviewed for the study.

Active Listening

  1. This site describes and defines several active listening skills. – ixzz3mBaGEXxr


  1. This article, “When Nice Won’t Suffice,” written mostly for teachers, but applicable to paraprofessionals, is about the importance of candor and forthrightness for school change.
  2. This articles offers advice on how to give feedback honestly and courteously.
  3. This web site offers tips on how to give and receive constructive feedback.

Following Through

  1. This brief article tells which type of goals are most helpful to insure following through on commitments.