Links for More Information

Classroom Context

  1. This report summarizes some research findings on students’ perspectives on working with paraprofessionals in the classroom.
  2. This web page presents strategies that instructional teams could consider in having paraprofessionals encourage peer interaction between students in the inclusive classroom.

Establishing and Maintaining Rapport

  1. This bulletin offers advice to adults on how to communicate effectively with children.
  2. This web site offers advice about how to communicate effectively with children, young people, and families and is highly applicable to classroom contexts.
  3. This web page’s advice for teachers on building relationships with students applies, in large part, to paraprofessional educators as well.
  4. Geared to parents and teachers, this advice on communicating with children is useful for paraprofessional educators as well.
  5. This site focuses on preschoolers, and its tips on listening to children apply to adults working with older children too.

Diversity and Communication

  1. This paper for educators identifies important issues in communicating with students from diverse linguistic cultures.
  2. This web site on communication, posted for educators who work with college age students with disabilities, is also applicable to educators who work with elementary- and secondary-school age students with disabilities.