Links for More Information

  1. This guide for special education paraprofessionals has a nice section about communication, in the middle of the webpage (see the section called KEEPING COMMUNICATION FLOWING):

    This is a nuts-and-bolts guide on how to plan and make time for rmeetings,  communicate between meetings, and work out problems. You might get some ideas from this site to share with other team members. The guide was developed in 2006 for the Ithaca NY school district.

  2. This is another unit about effective communication for paraprofessionals. The view here is similar to the view of this unit, but there are some interesting additional ideas.

    In particular this unit deals with the emotions that are embedded in communication, and it has good suggestions for what it calls “empathic listening.” This site also has two other units, also specifically created for paraprofessionals: (1) Fostering Independence and (2) Positive Behavior Supports.
  3. This page is a very short summary about effective communication for paraprofessionals.
    See also:
  4. This is a newsletter article about teacher-paraprofessional teamwork (and communication). Check out the list at the end of the article.
  5. Some Ohio districts are using “Teacher-Based-Teams.” This page provides information about these kinds of teams: but the ideas are relevant to effective communication on all teams.