Links for More Information

A website provided by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario provides lists of indicators of metacognitive skills that students may need to improve and other related information.

This fact sheet from Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy provides useful and detailed information on metacognitive processes that is applicable to K-12 as well as adult education.

The brief overview provided at this site talks about the value of teaching metacognitive strategies, emphasizing its potential for helping students become “expert learners.”

This overview focuses on metacognitive strategies and their potential usefulness in improving the achievement of students identified as having ADHD.

The focus of this set of suggestions is on using metacognitive strategies to promote mathematics learning.

This site considers how to get students to reflect on and think critically about their learning.

This overview considers two types of metacognitive skills or strategies important for students—reflection and self-regulation.

An article, published in Educational Leadership, describes the benefits of teaching metacognitive skills at all grade levels.

This site lists some questions that students can ask themselves in support of developing their use of metacognitive skills.