Links for More Information

Pre-Reading Strategies: Clustering and Concept Mapping

  1. This site gives an easy-to-follow example of clustering.
  2. This web site offers step-by-step directions for helping students develop concept maps.

During- and After-Reading Activities

  1. This site offers a form for students to use to write about a novel they’ve read independently.
  2. This notebook gives descriptions of different kinds of classroom book clubs, or book circles.

Close Reading

  1. This source from Santa Fe public schools defines close reading and tells what types of reading selections it should be used with.
  2. This web site discusses close reading in terms of the Common Core and gives examples of close reading questions.

Silent Reading Practice

  1. This article summarizes several research studies on sustained silent reading programs.
  2. A well-known educator lists 81 reasons to use sustained silent reading in the classroom.