Links for More Information

Graded Lists of Sight Words

  1. This site gives the Dolch Word List, which is one of the commonly used sources of sight words).
  2. The Fry Sight Word List (another commonly used source for sight words) on this web site is divided into lists of one hundred each.

Activities Using Sight Words

  1. The ideas and games for teaching high-frequency words on this site are designed for parents but useful for paraprofessionals, tutors, and teachers as well.
  2. These ideas for making word walls are for early childhood grade-level students.
  3. Nursery rhyme word wall templates and ideas for word-wall games for students are provided on this site.
  4. This site offers brief discussions of tips to keep in mind in making word walls.
  5. Four methods for building students’ sight word vocabulary are described on this site.

Sight Word Activities for English Language Learners

  1. This site offers suggestions for teaching sight words to English language learners.

Sight Word Activities for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

  1. Suggestions for teaching reading to students with Down Syndrome (emphasis is on sight word reading) are provided here.