Links for More Information

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

  1. This site describes several games to help students improve their phonemic awareness.
  2. This site explains how to use word strips to help students improve their phonemic awareness.
  3. This web site identifies issues and offers suggestions for using phonics to help students who are English language learners improve reading skills.
  4. This Michigan Department of Education site gives suggestions for simple word games for phonemic awareness.
  5. This site explains what syllables are, the different types of syllables, and several methods for helping students recognize the syllables in words.

Structural Analysis of Words

  1. This site provides a description of different approaches to helping students learn to analyze word structure in order to decode words.
  2. This Orange County Public Schools web site provides information on how to teach structural analysis of words.
  3. This site includes several lesson plans for helping students learn about prefixes, suffixes, and word roots.

Cloze Procedures

  1. This West Virginia Department of Education web site defines “Cloze procedure,” gives an example, and provides links to sites on how to use the Cloze procedure in helping students improve reading skills.