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Introductory Scenarios


Scenario 1:

A student who gets overwhelmed by a lot of work, is likely to feel frustrated and anxious when they are assigned a list of math problems. If they are unable to reflect on why the project upsets them, they might think, “Everyone else is having an easy time. I’m just bad at math.”

Metacognition can help!

A student who’s learned to reflect about their thinking and learning process could look at the situation and say, “I always feel like this when I have to do a lot of math problems. Maybe if I fold my paper in half so I only see some of the problems, I’ll feel less stressed.” By taking a metacognitive approach, they are able to manage their frustration and find a better way to approach this kind of math assignment in the future.

Flip-Flop Your Thinking!

Negative Thought Flop

Positive Thought Flip

I will never be successful.

I make a lot of mistakes.

I am bad at biology and will never get better.

I’m doing my best and getting better!

I learn from my mistakes!

If I put my mind to it, I can learn anything that seems hard!


Scenario 2:

A student who does well in most subjects but cannot spell could start to use 

negative self-talk when they have to write saying, 

“If you are so smart, then why can’t you spell America. 

What kind of 6th grader can’t spell America? I must be stupid and 

no one is telling me. I am useless.”

This student is devasted by the singular thing that is tough for them.

Metacognition can help!

Instead, the student can say, “I can manage this. I know spelling is hard for me but writing is good and people like to read my stories. I just need to voice text my ideas into my computer or ask a friend who is an excellent editor to help me.  Maybe I can help them with designing their story ideas because that is my strength and they can help me with spelling if editing is their strength. I just have to reframe it and Flip FLOP my thinking.”

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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