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Introductory Scenario


Kara is so amazed at how the young children love picture books. The children that she works with as part of her paraeducator job could spend all day learning and looking through the books that are in Mrs. Joos’ preschool classroom. She wishes her own son, Corey, still loved to read picture books with her. He is older now and struggles to do well in school. All he wants to do is draw. 

Kara thinks to herself, “Maybe I could use my paraeducator knowledge and begin to help Corey to see what he is learning about o it comes more naturally to him. He is such a visual learner.”

When you were young, you probably liked reading picture books, too.

Picture books make concepts that are more difficult to understand come to life for younger children, but pictures can even help adults and older children better understand their world and concepts at school.

Infographics present information in pictures and can include:

  • Graphs 
  • Charts 
  • Pictures 
  • Tables  
  • Word Art  
  • And other visual displays 

Take Notes

How could Kara help her son Corey find and create picture graphic or infographics to help him learn?

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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