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Introductory Scenario


Davis is a content specialist paraprofessional.  He does not work with one specific child but instead supports all the science teachers across his middle school and helps them as they embed supports for all learners into their classwork.

  He loves science so this a great gig for him.  He and the teacher co-teach and come together to plan how best they will use Davis to help the learning and lessons go smoothly.  Content is their main focus, but when it comes to mastering the curriculum, Davis’ students don’t always do so well on the tests.  They seem engaged in the lessons and they say they study at home for tests, but Davis and the teacher are beginning to realize the kids have no idea how to study.   Moral of the story… assume nothing and explicitly teach everything! Including Study Habits!!!

Teachers pay a lot of attention to lesson content .

They also need to give some attention to helping students learn how to study. Studying hard isn’t much help if it’s disorganized or inefficient. Educators need to do more than insist that studying is important. They need to show students how to study well.  

This means helping students link the big ideas with the details.  

It can help students keep things straight and remember what they learn for the long term.  


  1. What have you and your fellow educators assumed your students can do in terms of studying?  
  2. What study habits and specific skills would help these students (in class and at home)?
  3. How could you spend important time upfront explicitly teaching these habits and skills? 

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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