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Introductory Scenario


A Common Misconception​

The teachers at Ludlow Preschool just participated in a training on Universal Design for Learning.  When they were heading into this training they assumed it would be another professional development that encouraged them to redo their whole method of teaching.  What they found out after taking the training was, they didn’t have to redo anything they just needed to reframe what they are already doing. 

Fact: Teachers do a lot of interventional work to help specific children in their room engage and connect with their educational content. 

Question: What are you doing for one child in the classroom to help them with their learning?   

Next Step: What would happen if you made that intervention a universal support for all kids.

Remember:  What is needed for some kids can be good for all kids!

Now let's REFRAME the classroom

Fact: Anytime teachers can support their lectures and note taking sessions with visuals, concept maps, graphs, and charts they are more likely to reach diverse learners in the classroom. 

Question: What do you and your teacher do automatically to help “draw it out” for kids when they are learning new concepts?

TAKE NOTE of all the visual graphics you have around the room and instead of simply hanging them up pull them down and make them available in easy to use ways for kids.  

CREATE a flip chart of them for kids to put to their desks or for paraprofessionals to lean on when working one on one with a child.  Make these a normal and typical support available to all kids in the room.

REMEMBER:  When in Doubt Draw it Out!

Put it all together...

Helping with Instruction (WORKSHOP)

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