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In the realm of academic assessment, students’ test scores are undeniably influenced by their grasp of subject matter. However, the disparity in scores among students with comparable knowledge underscores the critical role of test-taking skills. This distinction becomes particularly pronounced when considering that the art of effective test-taking is a learnable skill set. Consequently, this unit aims to illuminate the significance of honing general and specific test-taking skills, delineating approaches tailored to various question types such as multiple-choice, true/false, essay, short-answer, and fill-in-the-blank.

Five types of test questions

  1. Multiple-choice
  2. True/false
  3. Essay
  4. Short-answer
  5. Fill-in-the-blank

Four things paras can explicitly teach a student on test taking

  1. Read test questions and instructions very carefully. 
  2. Work for the entire test period. 
  3. Use well-known tactics to budget testing time. 
  4. Answer questions fully, even when unsure the answer is right.

Types of Questions:


Closed-ended questions ask students to select an answer from at least two choices.

  • Give students both false information and true information and students have to identify the true information. 
  • Students have a chance to get the right answer even without knowing it’s right by  making a good guess.


Open-ended questions ask students to write their answers in phrases, sentences, or paragraphs.

  • Answers to open-ended questions often involve explaining, analyzing, or integrating concepts.
  •  Ask students to give the teacher something from their own thinking

Some open-ended questions, especially essay questions, require a lot more than recall of information.

Even if they are not 100% accurate, they can earn partial credit.

Paraprofessionals' Role

Ways paras can help:

  • Reviewing test-taking skills
  • Previewing upcoming test concepts with students
  • Providing practice for specific question types
  • Post-test discussions to analyze study and test-taking strategies
  • Offering pointers for improvement

Module: Helping with Instruction

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