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Example Infographic: A Brief History of Money

This Story of Money Infographic uses: pictures, maps, icons, color coded wording, and numbers to tell the history of money.  


And this money infographic shows the information in a timeline so the sequence of events can be clearly seenSome kids would like to think about the content in the first infographic with all the information spread out on the page, and some will like the linear look of the timelineYou can help kids figure out what works best for their learning style.  

This visual uses words and coin images and numbers to tell the simpler story of US Coins to first graders.  

Infographics are not just a nice touch. Some students need them. They learn much better with them than without them, and it is a universally designed approach to learning (UDL) that can benefit most students.

Module: Helping with Instruction

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