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What does Scaffolding involve?

An expert helper (That could be you!!) 

The expert understands the person they are helping and their level of development  

Experts bring their “bag of tricks” to the lesson 

Eventually the expert removes the scaffolding, and the learner does it on their own. 

In all classrooms, the students will need differing amounts of support.

The Goal of Scaffolding:

The idea behind scaffolding is to provide just as much support as a student needs—and no more. And the aim is to remove supports when the student no longer needs them. 

For example, in Math: 

  • some students benefit from using a number line to help with calculations;  
  • others benefit from a calculator; 
  • others benefit from manipulatives such as learning blocks or Cuisenaire rods. 

We remove these scaffolds when the child has mastered the skills without them.

Different Types of Scaffolds:

Advance Organizers
  • Flow charts
  • Outlines
  • Diagrams
  • Story starters
  • Cue card
  • Number line
  • Guiding questions
Partially Completed Products
  • Study guides
  • Partially completed notes
  • Partially completed outlines
  • Examples of completed work
  • Rubrics with graded examples
Assistive Technology
  • Calculator
  • Spell checker
  • Talking word processor

Module: Helping with Instruction

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